How to update projector firmware with Epson Projector Management

  • Epson Projector Management
  • Updating Projector Firmware over the network


The Epson Projector Management application (otherwise known as EPM) is an updated version of EasyMP Monitor combined with the EasyMP Network Updater. This all-in-one application allows you to check the status of multiple networked projectors and perform various projector operations from your computer, including:

  • Monitoring the status of projectors

    You can visually check projector information such as power status, errors, and warnings so you are alerted to projector abnormalities immediately. You can also select individual projectors or projector groups to check detailed information such as the usage hours of the projector light source, the current input source, and any current errors or warnings.

  • Controlling the projectors

    You can turn projectors on or off, or change input sources for individual projectors or projector groups. You can schedule various projector events to occur automatically on the specified date and times.

  • Message Broadcasting

    You can distribute images or text messages to multiple projectors for simultaneous display on those projectors.

  • Copying the projector menu settings

    Once you select a projector's menu settings, you can copy the settings to multiple projectors of the same type in a batch setup operation.

  • Updating the projector firmware

    You can update firmware for a projector over a wired network. You can also schedule when the firmware updates will take place.

  • Sending email notification

    You can set up the projector to send you an email alert over the network if there is a problem with the projector.

  • Monitoring and controlling non-Epson projectors using the PJLink protocol

    You can monitor and control projectors that support the PJLink protocol.

  • Firmware notifications

    Automatic notifications of latest firmware versions.

This software is a replacement for both EasyMP Monitor and Network Updater and will continue to be updated, please check the Epson Projector Software support page to obtain the latest available version.


System Requirements


Importing Settings From EasyMP Monitor


Selecting Projector Network Settings


Registering a Projector for Monitoring


Creating a Projector Group


Updating the Firmware


Troubleshooting when Firmware updates fail